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Unlock the Full Potential of City Revenue 

Cities generally draw revenue from four types of sources:

Service Fees

Municipalities raise revenues by charging for services such as public parking, toll roads, waste management, and  building permits among others.​


Cities use fines as both a deterrent to behavior that is at odds with the public good and a revenue source.

Charges and Taxes

Municipalities levy charges and taxes on property owners as well as on income, sales, and other transactions. These activities, such as hospitality charges, do not involve delivery of services from the government.

City Assets and Investments

Through leases, joint ventures, and joint development agreements, municipalities can generate additional income. Assets include land monetization and commercial advertising in public spaces.

When cities allow citizens to pay with credit cards, they offer an additional level of convenience that allows citizens to pay in a timely manner without taking time out from busy schedules. The down side has been that this has been costly to municipalities due to the high cost of processing fees, which could be as much as 2% of operating budgets. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on processing fees.

So what is the solution?

Here are the three options:

  1. Don't accept credit cards at all.

  2. Accept credit cards and pay the processing fee.

  3. Allow the customer the option to pay with a credit card and cover their own processing fee. These customers still have the option to pay another way that does not require the fee. This option is available through the legally compliant Cash Discount/Surcharge program through Global Processing Technologies.



Parish Processing Partners is the best solution for Municipality Payment Processing and Management Systems. Our vision is to maximize city revenue by providing convenient payment systems the significantly reduce the processing costs to government entities. We believe that municipality budgets should not have to include a percentage of government money to be spent on processing fees.


Our professionals have worked side by side with long term employees who use processing and management software on a daily basis in Sheriff's offices and Clerk of Courts offices. We surveyed what they like and dislike about the current software that they have used for many years. We ran a test site in Livingston Parish of Louisiana and communicated daily with the operators and have ultimately designed the most optimized software available by listening to the people who need it and will use it on a daily basis on their jobs. 

Ultimately our priorities are: 

1) provide the best payment solutions to maximize municipality budgets and

2) provide the best software to maximize municipality employee productivity.



We know the payment card industry compliance mandates well. Our processing partners provide the best risk and compliance management solutions.

Advanced Data Security and Fraud Protection:

Our advanced fraud monitoring tools can help you minimize risk and decrease fraud loss ratios. 

Data Security Suite

Our data security features include:

  • EMV*

    • Enhanced card authentication to protect against certain types of fraud such as lost/stolen and counterfeit cards.

    • Supports enhanced card verification methods

    • Increases transaction security to protect against unauthorized transactions

  • Encryption

    • Available in two forms: format preserving encryption (FPE) and triple data encryption standard (3DES)

    • Helps ensure client data is preserved at the point of contact throughout the transaction

    • Reduces risk associated with a data breach

    • Reduces frustration caused by complexity of the PCI Compliance Process - data is encrypted at first point of contact

  • Tokenization

    • Helps prevent potential fraud before it happens

    • Can block and/or decline fraudulent transactions prior to authorization

    • Identifies devices disguising their location, as well as other indicators of identity theft

    • Monitors account activity, login process, payments and other transactions

    • Helps screen and validate users, differentiating between legitimate customers and cyber criminals

  • PCI Compliance

    • Creates a more efficient experience for merchants to become PCI compliant

    • Uses templates and structured questions to help expedite the PCI process

    • Templates can be created for the merchant's specific processing solutions

    • Dashboards give direct access to advanced analytics to monitor merchants' compliance processes

    • Automatic reporting supplies ability to track compliance metrics

    • Personalized support available

  • TSYS Risk Detector**

    • Provides risk monitoring and mitigation including:

      • Selective Debit Reject​

      • Chargeback processing

      • Reserve Funding

      • Rolling Reserve

* EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries. Learn more at

** TSYS Risk Detector is a registered trademark or trademark of TSYS in the United States and other couontries. Learn more at




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